Odoo Migration.

From Odoo Version 12 To Odoo Version 14 Enterprise

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January 5th, 2017


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Migration is the process of moving from one platform to another. It can be either a software platform upgrade or a data transfer from one platform to another. Migration is used in a variety of situations across software platforms. A business may require technical support from external agencies to complete the ERP migration process. When we discuss about Odoo migration, we can define Odoo migration as the process of upgrading an Odoo application to a newer version. It can also be a migration from another ERP to Odoo.
Odoo Migration

Breaf & idea.

As you know, new Odoo applications are introduced every year to meet the requirements of various business enterprises. With the introduction of new versions, applications may require some changes. Changes may include changes in coding. Odoo application code can be changed to suit the new version of Odoo. Changes based on the python code may be required or the user may want the frontend functionality to continue the way it works in the existing version even after the migration.


Successfully migration of odoo erp from version 12 to version 14 enterprise. Odoo migration is a key process during version upgrades, this helps ensure better and faster performance, Improves operational efficiency and reliability, Constantly upgrading ERP migration supports growth with the market & Simplify operations.

Odoo Migration
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