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Difference Between Odoo Functional Consultant And Technical Consultant

In Odoo implementation, people need to be Odoo Functional Resources or Odoo Technical Developers, or they might only need one if they are good at the Functional Flow of their company and are able to plan business processes in accordance with industry best practices.

Throughout this article, we will learn how to distinguish Odoo Functional Consultants from Odoo Technical Consultants. Basic knowledge of functional and technological experts will be significantly underplayed if you hire Odoo experts for your business needs.

Upon receiving an estimate of the time frame, you will need a technical expert and a functional expert to help you determine what’s best for your business.

Implementing applications successfully at your workplace requires both functional and technical consultants. A techno-functional consultant will usually be assigned to you (someone who understands both technology and functionality).

Odoo Functional Consultant

Odoo Functional Consultants are responsible for training and going live until the project is complete.  An Odoo Functional Expert may have a number of responsibilities, depending on the size of the company implementing Odoo ERP, and the industries Odoo ERP serves, such as Manufacturing, Trading, and Services.

As an Odoo Functional Consultant, you may be able to provide advanced expertise to assist a company in implementing Odoo Projects in the most effective way possible. Among the assets are the following, but they are not limited to them:

  • Expertise in all sectors
  • Understanding the flow of your business.
  • Solutions for surmounting obstacles
  • Best integration
  • Perfect communication

We will try to sum up the Odoo Consultant’s role below:

  • Understanding business processes
  • It is essential for Odoo consultants to have a good understanding of business flow design. Odoo consultants must understand market flows, goods, and manufacturing flows when implementing ERP across any vertical, such as Manufacturing. They should prepare documentation based on their understanding of business processes. The ERP must be implemented effectively if each department creates documents, understands what they do, uses forms, and understands process flow. Having this in place is essential to implementing ERP successfully. Understanding the company
  •  A functional consultant understands an organization’s requirements and needs regarding ERP implementation. Providing Odoo ERP solutions based on customer needs.

Usability ensuring

The company will receive documentation, end-user training, and an easy start with Odoo software after the development is complete. As part of Odoo’s functional consultancy service, we also identify other company criteria that may be incorporated in future phases.

Functional Consultants conduct end-user training after renovations have been completed and ensure seamless transitions to customers. As well as reporting on the progress of the work effort, they can ensure that the application is being supported on an ongoing basis.

Odoo Technical Consultant

It takes people with different backgrounds and experiences to implement Odoo ERP software successfully. A technical understanding of Odoo ERP software is also essential, as well as a background in the Odoo Technical Python language.

A Technical Consultant supervises Odoo ERP’s implementation and integration sections. By using the expertise of a technical consultant, the programs defined by the functional consultants can be improved and the gaps between the business process and Odoo ERP can be filled and represented in the business requirements.

It is essential that Functional-consultants use Odoo Technical Consultant to deliver effective projects when implementing ERP systems. A technical consultant for Odoo has the following main duties:

  • One of the key requirements is Python coding or design knowledge.
  • An understanding of integration and unit testing.
  • Problems related to code should be debugged and troubleshot.
  • Odoo ERP applications require knowledge of technical specifications and correct module design.
  • An understanding of vertical industries such as Trading, Manufacturing, or any custom application creation.

The product must be maintained and supported properly to remain competitive in this environment. Managing the entire business workflow effectively is essential. In the same way, ERP software would definitely require both functional and technical consultants.

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